In some episodes, as Two Drinks Of Wine or When The Train Comes Back, the band bring me down along the Mississippi, with this slow seductive blues, really warm and intense. The strangest things of the Half Man can be found in some things as Ain't Ya Coming Home or in the fantastic instrumental Two Perverted Men, in which you'll be lead in a trip that starts with the first Pink Floyd releases and arrive to the stoner planet, flying on thirty years of psychedelic and progressive rock, with the unique special touch of this northern bluesmen.

Bokal, Stoned Gods

Did I walked into a smoke filled basement somewhere circa 1972 here? Maybe not but sure has hell feels like it. I was shocked at just how good this sounded, think of a mix of Led Zeppelin and Free, and you start to get somewhere near the sound on this. Stoner rock? Psych rock? Hard rock? Blues rock?, I'm not about "bag it and tag it" that easy, there's something here for all rock music fans.

Martyn Jones, Acid Attack Music

En riktig klassiker! Oj, oj, oj! Vilket jävla album! Fetaste tunggungsrocken hittills i år. Från veteranbandet (bildades för 13 år sedan) Half Man från Örkelljunga. Livet är fullt av glada överraskningar och jag hade väl aldrig kunnat tro att jag skulle sitta och vara helt salig över ett band från Örkelljunga.

Stefan Lindqvist, NST

This is the perfect sound track for a Sunday hangover or maybe after you have smoked a few late at night, anyway I think you get the picture, its cruisy. Psychedelic blues is one term they use to describe themselves and I think that fits rather nicely, some tracks lean more toward the blues side of things while others are all things Psychedelic. I always like to hear something a little different and this is certainly different to most of the stuff I receive.

Jeb Taylor, High Beam On-line Magazine

In fact, it's with the following tracks, "Insane" and "Home For Two", that we are introduced to the full dimension of Half Man, musicians who manipulate the blues' classic three chords cramming them with psychedelic tones, but preserving blues' personal characteristics intact, among delicious and never intrusive high voltage guitar solos, rhythmic breaks and Jan Bengtsson's hard vocals (a guy who drank deep from the swamp water).

Luciano Gaglio, Rockerilla & Stoner Rock Rules!

'Field Guide…' is a rich mix of hard rockin' grooves pulled smoothly from many seemingly different genres. Half Man does an excellent job of mixing early 70s style progressive rock, straight up blues, and modern 'psychedelic' rock riffs into one hell of a heavy groove rock experience. The songwriting is absolute top notch in every respect and the 'flow' of the album from start to finish couldn't be more 'right'.

Dan Beland,

Too quickly you could put Half Man in the stoner rock bandwagon, but inside their hearts it's pulsing the soul of the big 70's hard rock bands. Mastery chords and an evocative voice push them beyond the sad multitude of Kyuss clones without fantasy. Their songwriting have deep roots in blues, the one full groove and feeling played by gods as Mountain, Led Zep and Black Sabbath. The rank of the showed emotions, delayed tempos, good taste for electric guitar and ancestral and evocative spirit put together create a charming and timeless blend.

Stefano Cerati, Metal Force

Proving that there are no limitations on where low-end riff rock can go, Sweden's Half Man unveil their debut masterpiece! Thick, punchy riffs mixed with swampy blues, a series of peaks and valleys exploring the musical and emotional frontiers pioneered by CCR, Raging Slab, Fu Manchu and Thin Lizzy. One of the most powerful and original sounds to arise in this scene yet. Highly recommended!